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Visit The Office Notary Service Support Services


Would you prefer a personal consultation to assist you with the signing of your documents in our office? Our team at Miami Beach Notary is committed to providing you with professional and efficient service, ensuring a seamless experience.

Please let us know if you would like us to reach out to you for further assistance.



Please be aware that all fees will be provided before you confirm your service booking.


Administration Office Fee - $20

           Covers Any Additional Services: Print, Scan Copy, Fax, Mail Forward)


All documents notarized at Miami Beach Notary will be accompanied by a digital notary copy, which will be promptly uploaded to your designated email address.


2 Notary Witnesses: $25.00 each (Signature Per Page)


Document Revisions: If your document is not formatted correctly for notarization in Florida, we may need to make revisions to the document before notarization, at an additional cost of $20.00 (estimated).



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