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Surfside is a charming neighborhood in Miami, Florida, known for its sandy beaches, close-knit community, and local dining spots. If you live or work in Surfside and need a mobile notary service, you can count on Miami Beach Notary. We provide mobile notary services in Surfside and other nearby areas. If you are looking for a mobile notary near you in Surfside, you can contact us by phone, email, or online form. We will respond to your request promptly and schedule an appointment at your convenience. We are the best choice for mobile notary services in Surfside.



What is a Mobile Notary Public and Why Do You Need One?

A notary public is an authorized state official who verifies the identities and signatures of parties involved in a document. They can also administer oaths and affirmations, certify copies of certain documents, and take acknowledgments. There are several reasons why you may need to use a notary public, such as signing important documents like wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, buying or selling property, getting a loan or mortgage, opening a bank account, traveling with a minor child, getting married or divorced, updating your identification, filing a lawsuit, settling a claim, or applying for immigration, citizenship, or a passport. Notarizing a document can help prevent fraud, identity theft, and legal disputes and ensure that your document is valid and enforceable in court.

If you need a document notarized, you might wonder how to find a mobile notary near me. Miami Beach Notary has a mobile notary who travels to your location to perform the notarization.  This 24-hour Mobile Notary Service can save you time, money, and hassle, especially if you have a busy schedule or live in a remote area.

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Notarizing in Surfside, Florida | Mobile Notary Near Me

A notary public is an essential part of the legal process as they help to ensure that your document is legally valid. Many legal documents require notarization during execution. However, even when notarization is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to help prevent fraud, duress, and others.

Signing Estate Planning Documents | Estate Planning Notary | Miami Beach
Estate Planning Documents
  • Estate Planning documents such as Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directives
  • Trust Certifications
  • Wealth Management / Private Banking / Financial / Insurance documents
owner affidavit for tenant permit | permit to be notarized | permits | Miami Beach
Real Estate Documents and Transactions
  •  Real Estate Documents
  •  Loans, including Refinances, Purchases, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), and Ship Mortgages
  • Construction documents such as Waivers, Claims, and Releases Upon Payment |Permits
  • Deeds such as Quitclaim Deed, Grant Deed, Deed of Trust, and others
Notary notarizaing a Form for Minor Travel Authorization | Miami Beach
Vital Documents and Minor Travel

Traveling Notary Near Me Miami | Florida Notary Services Near Me

Miami Beach Notary is eager to explain the critical role of a Notary Public in verifying and authenticating legal documents. These individuals are appointed by the state and are dedicated to ensuring the signer’s identity and preventing fraud during the notarization process. It is noteworthy that a Notary Public can be an individual, such as a lawyer or government official, who is knowledgeable and experienced in their field.

As a Notary Public in Florida, Miami Beach Notary is always ready to assist clients with their legal needs. For example, when signing a Prenuptial Agreement, the signers must comprehend their contract and sign with their correct legal names out of their own free will. By signing with a Notary Public, clients can rest assured that all necessary measures were taken to avoid future issues.

In essence, notarization is akin to signing a document in the presence of a witness, ensuring the document’s legitimacy, and preventing undue influence or coercion. As an optimistic and friendly Notary Public, Miami Beach Notary can provide informative and considerate services to assist you with your legal requirements.

common questions

  • The answer depends on several factors, such as the type and number of documents, the distance traveled, the time of day, and other circumstances. However, according to [Notary Fees by State], the maximum fee that a notary public can charge per signature in Florida is $10. A mobile notary may charge an additional travel fee, which can range from $25 to $100 or more, depending on the location and mileage.
  • Miami Beach ($75)
  • Miami Dade County ($75)
  • Fisher Island ($135)
  • Free Notary Fee Instant Estimate Click Here 

In Florida, witnesses are required for a living will to be considered valid. According to Florida law, a living will must be signed by the person making the living will (known as the declarant) in the presence of two witnesses.

The witnesses must also sign the living will, affirming that they witnessed the declarant’s signing and that they believe the declarant to be of sound mind and under no undue influence or duress. The witnesses must be adults (18 years or older) and cannot be the declarant’s spouse or a blood relative.

Additionally, at least one of the witnesses must be someone who is not a blood relative or a spouse of the declarant, nor someone who would be entitled to any portion of the declarant’s estate upon their death. In other words, the witnesses should be impartial and not have any personal interest in the declarant’s estate.

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